Propellers Animation Studio

Lean, Focused and Reliable

Capable for full production and pre-production. Flexible enough for co-production at any stage.

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Cloud-based Production

We were working remotely before it became mainstream.

Propellers 3D

We have 14 years of experience in creating animated series, shorts, educational videos, and commercials.

Propellers 2D

We’ve created and produced four 2D animated series from scratch (with more than 500 episodes), and we’ve participated in the production of loads more!

Propellers Care About Quality

We hear what our clients & partners say
We keep goals in sight and focus on what’s important
We double check stuff
We write down and analyze everything
We actually learn from the past

Worried about contractor’s qualification?

We’ve got you covered. We work with major digital first clients on a global scale, and we take the time and dedication necessary to nurture each project.

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From Our Portfolio

The Gigantic Turnip

CGI Short

Full of 3D love from our team. All within the budget of a humble 2D cutout short.

2 million

views on Youtube

Dolly’s Stories

Non-verbal series for the younger audience. Loved by kids from different parts the world!

Top Territories:

US, Brazil, India, Mexico, Vietnam

6 million


1.5 billion

views on Youtube

(across all channels broadcasting the show)


Animation, Rendering and SFX

15 episodes made from animatics provided by the customer

Propellers’ Customers

Studio Pilot (Mountain of Gems)
The first independent movie studio in Russia.

Petersburg (Riki)
The leader of the Russian animation market. The creator of Kikoriki (Smeshariki in Russian) and the owner of The Fixies.

One of the largest Russian animation studios with a strong expertise in 3D shows and feature films.

X-Media Digital
A leader on the media content online distribution market.

A production center making content for little kids and their parents.

We have our own free Blender course!

Enroll to our online video course to learn the basics
of animation in Blender (the lessons are in Russian)

Propellers Are Cost-Efficient

100% remote team
We know the challenges
We innovate and automate
We care about efficiency on the cloud
We know how to get things done remotely

Lost control of your budget?

We provide precise estimates at every production stage. We work with you to stay within your budget, so everyone is happy!

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Why Propellers


We can cover the entire production cycle from a synopsis to final animation or engage in your production at any stage.


We believe that communication should be clear, concise, and timely. We know how to get stuff done.


We employ modern technology, enabling people to work efficiently. We swiftly adapt to change and respond to challenges.


We gather teams for projects of any scale. We are working with professionals and we know how to find them and hire them.

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